The theme for the 2010 Summer Reading Program was: “Make a SPLASH, READ!”  We explored the world of water and water fun through stories, songs, crafts, and other activities.  Fifty-five children signed up, and the library hosted  six story-hours.  Those who met their reading goals were invited to a pool party to finish it all off with a BIG SPLASH!

Six kids had 100% attendance– Way to Go: Jacob, Anna, Lexas, Madison, Kimber and Matthew!!!  Our top reader was McKinley– Yippee!  And, special thanks to dedicated helpers: Debbie, Eileen, Yaz, Karissa, Ailin, Becca, and Stefany– who helped everything run smoothly!  Also, “Thanks,” to Smoky Hills Public TV and Leona Breeden for the Share-A-Story program!  And, “Thanks,” to the Kansas Wetlands Education Center and Pam Martin for a great lesson and demonstration about turtles.  The library board members made sure there were snacks for everyone– YUM!  And, “Thanks,” to our Board Prez, City Mayor, and Chief of Police for volunteering to “Walk the Plank!”  Kids voted and raised $10.47 for the library and $27.80 in Box Tops for the Grade School Library in order to see our Chief of Police take the plunge off the high dive! 

Full House!

Finally, HUGE “Thanks” to Dollar General for the grant which allowed us to purchase new books for the summer reading program and incentives to encourage the kids to meet their goals!  We targeted beginning and struggling readers– offering new levelled books which would help them find reading success.  The incentives went along with a book we read: Winter: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again.  Each participant received a dolphin ‘reading buddy’ to remind them that, just like Winter, they can overcome obstacles in reading and in life. 🙂  

See our ‘Thanks & Memorials’ page to see more who helped make our Summer Reading program a success.  And, see below for a collage of some of the fun things we did this summer! 








<><     <><      <><        Swim on back next year, for Summer Reading 2011!




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