Seventy-six kids signed up and attended the Summer Reading Program at the Macksville City Library this year.  We met for six story hours (22 kids had perfect attendance!), and we capped it all off with a pool party for those who met their reading goals.  With 53 kids as our high attendance and 48 as our average we were truly bursting at the seams and dreaming of a new addition to our library!


Guest speakers included Leona Breeden from Smoky Hills Public Television, Pam Martin from the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, and Byoung Lee, local pastor and space enthusiast.  Speakers taught us about nocturnal animals and the wonders of space, and they encouraged kids to Keep Reading, Keep Learning and keep Dreaming Big!


Many thanks go out to all those who supported our program.  A $2000 Summer Reading Grant from Dollar General enabled us to purchase a reading cart, wonderful books about space, animals and inspiring people, and incentives for each child.  The pillowcases we decorated should remind kids daily to DREAM BIG!


Thanks also to the Pratt Walmart which gave $75 towards our Summer Reading Party.  The snacks and prizes we purchased with the money were a big hit!  And, thanks to SCKLS and the State Library for supporting summer reading with grants and materials. 


Two invaluable volunteers we counted on this summer were Eileen Loomis and Karissa Langlois.  Thanks to the library board members and our Community VBS for the cookies.  And, thanks to new assistant librarian, Crystal Lamb for helping make summer reading 2012 a success.


Keep Reading!  Keep Dreaming!  See you Next Summer!!!



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